• Private and Group Swim Lessons

  • Gate Guard Services

  • Lifeguards

  • Private Party & Event Guarding



  • One-time registration fee: $25

  • Group lessons: $85 for six sessions.

  • Private lessons: $175 for five sessions.

  • Private lessons: $40 for one 30 minute session.

  • Lifeguarding at private parties or events: 
    call for pricing.

  • For lessons at your private or community pool: call for pricing.



  • Parent-N-Me: 6 months-24 months.
    Introductory class that encourages parent-child bonding, while showing parents how to teach their child to be comfortable in the water. It involves gently going under water, learning to kick, and learning to float.

  • Pre-School Level: 2-4 year olds.
    Introducing water safety to toddlers, while showing the students how to kick under water, float, and fully submerge in the water independently. 

  • Beginner level: 4 years old and up.
    Students will be taught how to swim front crawl, float, and retrieve toys from the bottom of the pool independently. 

  • Intermediate Level: 4 years old and up.
    Students will learn proper breathing techniques, floating, front crawl, and breast stroke—while building their stamina up.

  • Advanced Level: 4 years old and up.
    Students will learn the four main strokes, proper breathing, building endurance, and swimming down the pool and back without stopping.

  • Adult Classes: 12 years old and up.
    We work on building confidence swimming in the water and safety skills starting with the basics of swimming.

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